#yanceysdiary 5:35am 5.10.2019

4:53 AM 5.10.2019

There was a strange sound coming from the walls

I was curious

Decided to investigate

Only to discover

Not above or below

But the neighbors next door

Some lucky brutha or stranger

Probably named Dick

Or Harry

Had scored

This was a rare occurrence

Does not seem to happen very often

Not that I’m waiting

Each and every evening or morning


Hoping for another show

I hope my kids don’t read this stuff

At least until they are at least eighteen

It’s very strange

As I remember a time very recently

When they could not even read

Let alone speak English

The wonderful age of innocence

My ex-wife and I could talk about anything

Without whispering

My oldest daughter is sooo nosy

I’m sure she currently knows so many things

Like providing Daddy intel on Mommy’s new boyfriend

But unfortunately

Mommy has given these kids tons of coaching

Even the slowest witted one

I won’t say who

Would not dare spill the beans

Threatened I’m sure

With the most memorable of ass whoopings


I said whoopings

Not whippings

I should be sleeping currently


It’s not easy

This new life is


Well honestly

Very depressing

I’ve been watching tons of stand-up comedy

To liven my spirits

One of which was


By Chris Rock

He discusses his divorce

His experience in court

And what it’s like dating

I could totally relate

It makes me want to write another book


Two books

The first one

Working title

Things I wish I knew before I got married

The second one

Things I wish I knew after I got divorced

Maybe they will become bestsellers

A brutha needs to get caught up on child support

I really don’t want to get another job

It’s looking like I’m going to have to

Ma ain’t goin’ to let a grown man

Live in this back room

Too much longer

As Mr. Rock’s grandma said

A broke man is like a broke hand

Aint good for shit

Or something like that

I would actually consider myself very wealthy

Just not in the traditional American sense of the word

You would think the possibility of jail

Or a desire to be a provider for my kids

Or a desire to be able to afford my own place

Or a million other reasons that normal


Human beings would consider

Would push and motivate me to better

Truth is

I don’t give a fuck about shit these days

Call me selfish or a bunch of other names

I have officially hit rock bottom

And luckily had a safety net in Ma

Waiting to catch me

Big bro offered his as well

On a one way ticket to Houston

With a brief layover in Atlanta

I’ll explain further later

For now

The same questions spin

If we must stay in Misery

Specifically Kansas City

What is our plan

Like the number of licks it takes

To enter the center

Of a tootsie roll pop

The world

May never


© 2019 Aaron J. Yancey

All rights reserved

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