#dreamdiaries 5.15.2019

#dreamdiaries by Aaron J. Yancey

May 15, 2019

Sleep Goal: Envision the next direction in life and my perfect work situation

Sleep Primer: Watched a documentary on Netflix called A New Economy just prior to sleeping

Sleep Aid: Fell asleep to a documentary on Netflix called The Truth About Alcohol

Sleep Time: 7:25 AM

Wake Time: 5:30 PM

Part 1 – I was in a public bathroom and had to tinkle. I was trying my best not to drop the baby girl I was holding tightly in one arm as I used the other arm to unzip, “handle my business”, then wash my hands with soap. It was awkward to see actual women in what originally appeared to be the men’s restroom due to the visible urinals. I was tempted to ask one of the ladies I saw to help me hold the baby while I relieved myself really quick, but I was able to manage. The baby was a little white girl probably only 8 months old. She was sooo cute! I don’t know who the baby belonged to, but for some reason I had the responsibility of watching this baby for the day. When I kissed her on the forehead, she spit out her little green pacifier and she looked up at me smiling from ear to ear.

Part 2 – Before going to the bathroom, I had passed through this great big rotunda where this white CEO of a corporation (I don’t know the name of it) was giving this big speech to a bunch of people. I was tempted to stop and listen, but I opted to just go straight to the restroom. I had just left a classroom full of people. I cannot remember what the class was about but I do know I was sitting on the left side in the front row. The baby was not with me while I was in the classroom. It’s like the baby just magically appeared once I was in the hallway on my way to the bathroom. I had this thought that all of the ladies in the classroom would be drawn to me once they saw me caring for this baby. The students in the classroom appeared to be in their late teens and early twenties.

Part 3 – I was adamantly having this conversation with this young black guy how more people should write books. I told him about the five short stories I had already published and briefly explained how easy the process was on Amazon.

Part 4 – My darn mother in-law somehow managed to appear in my dream again. It appeared to be a flashback to the dream I had yesterday where I was in some office building with her and a few young women she was mentoring.

Part 5 – I was on a highway walking on the side that was facing oncoming traffic. I originally was with a group of people then eventually I wandered off by myself. Someone gave me a random grey cotton winter glove and skull cap. I kept wondering why they only gave me one glove instead of two.

Thoughts and Interpretations

I wish I could remember more but instead of fully waking up between parts 3 and 2 of the dreams I rolled back over to sleep for a little bit longer. I prefer to keep dreaming more even though it usually means sacrificing the amount of detail I’m able to recall in the dreams.

According to Zolar’s Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams the 15th of the month means your dream will come true in 30 days. It also says that the beautiful baby is a sign of happiness. That’s the second dream now recently that had a baby in it. My Mom suggested last night that I consider seeing my Uncle, who happens to be an urologist, to get snipped. I already have four children all by the same woman from my first and only marriage. Ever since my divorce and failed attempt back in August 2018 to work things out with my ex-wife, I have fantasized at times about having more children. I don’t want to completely close off that possibility, but I’m definitely in nooo rush to have more children. I still need to hire a lawyer to correct my current child support situation. The baby in this dream was clearly white and looked nothing like me, so I was caring for someone else’s child. The baby girl could have also represented all of the responsibilities placed on me at a young age.

I don’t know what the classroom could have represented. I am currently scheduled to take the LSAT on June 3rd, but due to some recent complications beyond my control at this point, I will not be taking that test. I am actually relieved as I’m starting to think my heart was not one hundred percent in the whole pursuit of Law School. Law School is like this burden that will always loom over my head as I will consistently wonder if I should or should not do it ever since I attempted to go back in 2009 but didn’t due to my mediocre score of 147. I’m sure the fact that I need to still cancel the test with LSAC and get my partial refund is weighing heavy on my subconscious mind.

Having my Mother In-Law in my dream again I feel is significant. I don’t know if it means I need to talk to her or that there is still some unresolved anger toward her lying below the surface. We didn’t argue in the dream, she was just there.

According to Zolar’s, finding a pair of gloves means early marriage and wearing a new hat is related to wealth. Traveling on a road is associated with security and long life. I don’t know what to make of being given only one glove, facing traffic and leaving the group of people I was originally walking with, other than that these all seem to be signs that I will continue to face opposition and the road to wherever I’m going in life won’t be easy.

Thanks for reading! I’ve been keeping a dream journal for about a month now and I actually look forward to sleeping. Dreaming is more exciting than real life to me and I feel like this new routine is all having an impact on how I approach my life while awake.

The hallucinations I had while out in California and the nightmares I was having afterward prompted me to start keeping a dream journal. I wrote about this experience in my latest book, One Night in Chinatown, which you can check out here:


I highly encourage you to start keeping a dream journal and make notes of differences you feel it’s having on your daily waking life.

Feel free to email me directly at aaronjaredyancey@gmail.com or comment on this post below.

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