#dreamdiaries by Aaron J. Yancey

May 14, 2019

Sleep Goal: Try not to dream about my ex-wife

Sleep Primer: Made a post on my website called Monogamy #MasturDebate

Sleep Aid: Fell asleep to Mozart Concerto in A Major for Clarinet and Orchestra

Sleep Time: 10 AM

Wake Time: 4 PM

Part 1 – Wow…my Grandpa Hill was in my dream and he was crackn’ jokes on me. He seemed a little tipsy and very lively. Grandpa was telling these ladies how I’m a young hustler. The ladies asked me if Grandpa always acted this way and I told him that he is normally pretty mellow. I also told them that typically he might say a quip here or there but today he is acting a little out of character. We were all sitting on the back of his red pickup truck and I was selling used office laser printers. It was so cool to see my late Grandpa Hill in a dream and I wish I could remember exactly everything he said.

Part 2 – My big brother Wayne and Pop were in my dream. I cannot remember everything they said but we were off to do an important task.

I remember briefly waking up and contemplating stopping to write everything about what I dreamed up until that point or just falling back asleep.

Part 3 – This part of the dream was very strange. I was involved in some sort of contest or race but can’t exactly recall all of the details. The final guy on our team who needed to complete his part of the contest / race was slowing us down and moving very slow. He seemed to be elderly and both physically and mentally challenged. I began to assist him in moving faster to ensure we would still win the race.

Part 5 – This part was even weirder and sexual in nature. All of these beautiful white women, some of whom I had known personally and some whom were strangers, were all in this dream. One of the ladies is someone I met randomly one evening at a burlesque show held at the Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City. I’ll never forget her because the stage performers were eating pizza off of her bare chest. We hung out later that evening at the Mutual Musicians Foundation in the 18th and Vine District and after she dropped me back off at my car she told me she was the devil. Thus explains why she was in this dream. Her and the other ladies were all part of this underground X-rated film production operation in some kind of dark basement of sorts.

It seemed as though I was at one point involved in this operation but the actresses began to be rude toward me and not allow me to partake in the action. I was upset at first, but then I didn’t feel so bad because what they were doing appeared to be very BDSM in nature. I was the only guy there but I was cool on not entertaining that any further. The ladies all seemed to prefer one another over me anyway.

Thoughts and Interpretations

My grandfather passed away back in 2014 and I still miss him a lot. It doesn’t surprise me that we were sitting in the back of his truck talking to some ladies. I never experienced that in real life as we usually were always working when we were together and he had a topper on his F-150. He did have a way with ladies and I used to help him sell barbecue pits. I also used to have a printer repair business and sold used printers, so that explains where that part of the dream came from. I just don’t understand how it all ties together. Is he trying to send me a message to restart my printer repair business for a third attempt? If he appears in my dream again with printers, then I’ll take that as a positive sign.

I’m heading to my big brother’s graduation this weekend, so that explains that portion of the dream. My Pop will be at the graduation as well. I wonder if this means we’re going to all do something big together. We shall see.

I have no clue how to interpret the last two parts of the dream. I’ll just pretend like those two were just random and we shall see if they happen again soon.

I did somehow avoid dreaming about my ex-wife, which I have not been able to do in a very long time.

I highly encourage you to start keeping a dream journal and make notes of differences you feel it’s having on your daily waking life.

Feel free to email me directly at aaronjaredyancey@gmail.com or comment on this post below.

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