#PennyPoems Release 1

1/1/2019 4:41 AM

From the big black sketch book

I will start a recovery group for divorced men

There will be no rules

Just lots of games of pool

Discussions about meaningless sports

Monthly reports about how much this new existence hurts

And if you happen to find a new love

We promise not to shove you out of our

He Man Woman Problems Club

I will rest in the silence of gratitude

Going forward

Never backward

Walking frigid streets entirely nude

In serenity and solitude

It’ rare to discover such an undesirable dude

The libations are wearing down

And I unfortunately have no nightgown to slip into

Tyrone I’m sure is sound asleep in her black wave cap

All those people in her posse would never know

How special it was the times I gave her goodnight daps

My mind races in laps

Dreams and nightmares

Awaking to us fighting

Remembering how wonderful things used to be

© 2019 Aaron J. Yancey

#pennypoems #oldshit #poetry #poem #poems #poetsofinstagram

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