Blame the Game


The great comedian Chris Rock declared with great conviction

A man is only as faithful as his options

My problem from the beginning has been that I always had too many

I’m not talking about women

And no I don’t swing that way

We can save that part of my story for later

I’ll say everything I need to say while leaving so much a mystery

This is a love story

Beginning and ending tragically

Well temporarily


I blame the game

The pressure to just be

Let alone a black man

Not allowed to ever be weak

Too prideful

Ashamed to get help


It’s too late


In jail posting bail

Back in again

And again

Finally free to speak


Without repercussions or penalty

We were both wrong

As Ye and Legend loop

Provoked and duped

This is my unbelievably fascinating side of the scoop

© 2019 Aaron J. Yancey

#blamethegame #oldshit #poetry #poem #poems #poetsofinstagram #pennypoems

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