#scoopz release 1

1.3.2019 11:38 PM

Today I was tempted by a nice triple scoop

Of vanilla gelato

There I go again imagining her

I mean this beautiful bowl of white ice cream


Consumed down to the last drop

But instead we talked

I told this smooth and creamy

Refined treat

My whole damn life story

And even though this flavor causes my

Bowels to be inflammatory

I dream of just one opportunity

To start all over

As the days get colder

And I flip lucky quarters to tell me my fate

I pray you will allow me to enjoy you

For at least one date

Too late

Hopefully tails just means I’ll have to wait

© 2018 Aaron J. Yancey

#scoopz #oldshit #poetry #poem #poems #poetsofinstagram

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