Yancey’s #dreamdiaries

May 23, 2019

Sleep Goal – Have a dream about something cool and remember it when I wake up

Sleep Primer – Rummy with my new homie Brooke and a book called Tune in Anytime by Caroline B. Cooney

Sleep Aid – Silence and the sound of my somewhat strange new temporary roommate snoring

Sleep Time – 11 PM

Wake Time(s) – 2 AMish and 6:30 AM

1 – I had a water hose and I was up high spraying people in the face below. These people appeared to mostly be family and friends with lots of white faces. We were all about to play a game. I lived in a large beautiful home with amazing landscaping. This guy riding with me to my home saw that I had some debris in my yard and pool and was nice enough to help remove it.

2 – I had several golf balls painted like pool balls and I was stuffing them simultaneously down a chute inside a wooden box contraption. The people at the bottom were getting frustrated because they were overwhelmed with so many balls landing on their face at once.

3 – At some point a big ole bowl of cereal (fruit loops I think) was involved in this dream but I can’t fully remember the details.

4 – There was a PYT Asian girl. We were getting ready to root as the Aussies say, but I had no raincoat. We considered still going forward with spontaneous arrangement but opted to wait.

Thoughts and Interpretations

The first part of this dream makes absolutely no sense but all I can gather from it is that I’m about to get a phat house and make it rain.

According to Dreamstop.com, balls represent hardships and trials. This young lady I’m friends with was just telling me earlier in the day that she was playing pool. So that could be how the idea of pool balls seeped into my subconscious. Pool is a much easier game than pool as it requires less concentration, physicality and overall skills.

So the transformation of the balls could mean that my hardships and trials are becoming less methodical and easier to tackle. This makes sense because I finally was able to see a psychiatrist and get medication for a mental disorder that was negatively impacting my ability to function in “normal life”.

The fact that I was dropping the balls on other people below could mean that I am letting all of these hardships go and releasing them on other people that may be able to help.

We ate Fruit Loops for breakfast at the mental health facility I was vacationing at for the last few days.

I’ve been horny AF lately. It’s been a while. I’m still adjusting to this divorced life. I went from enjoying steady predictable peach a couple times a month to scavenging for it at the most unpredictable times. Oh well, we gon be aiight. God knows my heart.

© 2019 Aaron J. Yancey



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