Yancey #diaries

2:56 AM 5.27.2019

As Ice Cube would say

Today was a good day

I just arrived home about an hour ago

I stayed up all night


And like a nerd

Singing Karaoke in my big bro’s living room

All by myself


This single life is liberating and lonely all at once

I’ve learned that I need a balance

There is nothing wrong with being alone

But after a while

I must interact with a few clones

Big bro has been letting me tag along on all his adventures

This morning he took me to his Trap Yoga class

It’s yoga plus trap music playing in the background

The instructor was a super cool light skinned dude wit dreads

I want to be like him when I grow up

I was a little tired because of the lack of sleep

But I was running on adrenaline

It was a great time

The gym was filled with beautiful brown people

With a few sprinkles of white faces

One snow bunny in particular caught my eye

I was somehow able to maintain my focus

It’s so interesting not always feeling like a minority everywhere I go

So far everywhere I’ve gone I am part of the majority

It’s a mighty strange feeling for a boy who grew up in St. Louie

I have not stretched that much since my glory days of HS bball

My chest does not feel as tight as it was before

I’m assuming all of the breathing and relaxation relieved my stress

There was a place back in KC called Nella Yoga

It’s black owned and I will definitely go next time when I’m in KC

I will also be doing more yoga going forward

Most likely starting tomorrow morning

I’ll just watch some YouTube vids

Oh boy

And there were some sexy ladies

If I wasn’t leaving ATL soon I might have made a move

I’m only making long game moves going forward

I mean if the opportunity avails itself

I’ll never turn down a peach proposition

Or friendly fellatio

That’s a whole other conversation

On the way home Wayne had to make a few stops

Grab some groceries and boxes

I was passed out

As soon as we hit the house I crashed for a nap

Woke up and did some more writing

Worked on my next book

Let’s just say it’s a diary about my married years


I started my old vlog #sos or #speakoutsundays back up

It’s just an open forum allowing people to get all in their feelings

I think there should be more open forums online that allow people to share their stories

Or personal challenges they are dealing with in life

Not everyone can afford therapy

I know some people are not comfortable sharing intimate details

I don’t mind and I’ve notice the more I open up the more others are okay with doing the same

There is a healing that takes place between two such beings

I had one guest and look forward to making this a regular thing again

Onto a bonfire downtown

I saw food trucks

And tons of people wearing these lit up headphones

It reminded me of the scene at the end of Ready Player One

Except everyone had on VR goggles

I’m looking forward to that future forward

My brain spends 90 percent of waking life in fantasy land anyway

Apparently the special headphones allow the people to tune into individual DJs at the event

There was also Reggaeton playing

A few nice women twerking

Definitely different than any bonfire I had ever been to

I was able to see cousin Domino who brought a friend name Tedra

We laid down a blanket

Sat behind a barbecue pit

As I taught them how to play rummy

Wayne’s friend Zan showed up with two of her lady friends

One had these long Poetic Justice braids

The other was a hot thick redbone

She’s supposed to be at this karaoke event tomorrow

I think I’m going to make a move and just see if there is an open door

You only miss the shots you don’t take

After the bonfire we hit up the WaffleHouse

I had a $2 cheeseburger with pickles and grilled onions

And a tea-monade

It’s really an Arnold Palmer

Wayne and the sistah circle were laughing at me

For not asking the waitress Melba for an Arnold Palmer

Tea-monade is exactly what the menu said

From now on I’m calling dat drank Tea-monade

Especially whenever I’m around Destiny’s Child

Domino and I talked more about our tumultuous dating situations

We’ve definitely come a long way from playing house

Or other kid games at Grandma’s house

At times it all seems so surreal

Errrbody growing up

Living like grown folks

Responsibilities and relationships

Fun times


Or today I should say

Is going to be an even better day

I can feel it in my bones

© 2019 Aaron J. Yancey



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