Yancey’s #dreamdiaries

June 2, 2019

Sleep Goal – Keep this streak going of not dreaming about my ex-wife

Sleep Primer – Pho Binh

Sleep Aid – Apple Music Vibes Playlist

Sleep Time – 1 AMish

Wake Time(s) – 9:30 AM

Part 1

My high school basketball coach was leaving X-Roads for another coaching job, but no one had announced it yet. I went over and gave him a giant hug and started crying. We laughed for a while about a few old memories.

Part 2

I entered a testing room to take the LSAT then walked out. I told the curators I had changed my mind and that I would take it another time.

Part 3

I was amongst several young students walking through hallways and cafeterias.

Part 4

I was doing Tai Chi and my brother reminded me of how he eventually wanted to sign up for a class or two

© 2019 Aaron J. Yancey



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