Daddy Diaries 2:12 am 9.25.2022

Two twelve am
Oldest son snoring
Lady friends distant
Laying alone reminiscing
Spinning tossing children
Psalm singing snippets
Missing their momma
But she gone
Sonic hedgehog finished
Oldest daughter sleeping
Baby girl sniffling
Bathroom routine praying
Tag team takedown
Won by two
Beat the Cubans
I was struggling
Still okay hooping
Football game fun
Middle sloth son
Sports not interested
Breaks my heart
Daughters soccer dueling
Oh forgot scrabble
Lots of arguing
Deniece eventually winning
Happy rock leaving
Hobby hill entering
Strangers struck conversing
Mochi belly rubbing
Oliver football hiding
Bushes searching finding
Aldi grocery buying
Blind woman triggering
Always five somewhere
Walking dead shirt
Dot connecting frightening
Puzzling but peaceful
Fighting battles internally
Oblivious kids riding
Where to next
Taking out trash
Beautiful inebriated ladies
One request hug
Offer handshake instead
Cure church inviting
Romans road soliciting
Who are you
Call him foolish
Love lies nearby
Shower scene crying
More bottled tears
Pancake syrup spilling
Toaster strudel hogging
Meatball mystery tossing
Boys fully enjoying
Mind finally resting
Early morning dumping

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