😴 Dream 11.22.2022 11:14 am

Another in the fire played when I woke up

Saw Martin and Aunt Laverne and Aunt Dianne

We were crossing this bridge

He was smoking or about to smoke had lighter on bridge

I was going to walk right passed him

I kept floating to the top of the bridge

Couldn’t help myself

My body and toes would not touch the floor

They told me about someone who recently fell off a bridge

I left some family reunion

Some girl bragged about marrying a med student who could fix cars

Pulled this long train of weave out of this pile of junk it was long

Tish was pregnant with a fifth child

I was at her home cleaning and doing laundry during the day

Suddenly I could see the little baby

It was a beautiful light skinned babygirl

Wondered how it could’ve got there with tied tubes

Was it mine or JMz

There were all these gifts I needed to wrap for the boys

I was at my childhood home with my parents moving slow

I didn’t brush my teeth

Was conscious about that

Was ironing this outfit and was running late to church

Shirt and khakis

Did this art project with a bunch of old classmates

It was a huge vision board of some sort

This young lady kind of looked like Janelle Alexander and had corresponding numbers

Telling everyone what to write and color on the big arty vision board

Was in this home playing basketball on the switch

Switch wouldn’t turn off

Was sitting down at a desk telling someone everything going on in my current dream

Random soldier with cigarette in his mouth tossed me these soldier clothes

He was with the airforce

I asked him if there was anything I needed to sign or fill out

He had a slight tear in his eye

I was kind of afraid

Didn’t trust the guy

Thought I might spazz out during basic training

Was driving through the heart of the city

Plaza looking area

Someone was going down my street when it was a one way

I was walking behind these kids that were slowing me down

They were playing some sort of toss marbles in front of them and go get them game

I kept trying to get around them


Finally made it

Came back outside

On this hillside

Had view of downtown skyline

It was gorgeous

Was going to walk somewhere in the heart of the city

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