Just after waking up

I woke up to see the light started playing the one that says all of this for your glory

Then I love you Lord started playing by Maranatha music

I just told two of my riders about that song and how this girl played it at IHOP at just the right time after my Pops passed away

Just before waking up I dropped these two beautiful Hispanic youthful women off

They were asking me a question but I could not fully interpret it

This lady answered the door at this huge mansion in the sky with bellowing clouds

It was all white but kind of dark at the same time like a solar eclipse or evening twilight

The woman was blind and started shadow boxing

She was middle aged

I asked her why she was beating the air

Now it makes me think of 1 Corinthians 9 22 thru 27

Specifically verse 26 which Paul says So I run with purpose in every step

I am not just shadowboxing

We were taking these groceries into the house of the blind woman

I suddenly dropped this huge brown package several feet down to the ground

I went down to get it and it was like I was in a different dimension or atmosphere from the one the blind lady was in

Then I woke up

Before that I was at Aldis

I whatsapped my brother these ideas for jokes about how aldis is one of those places where you can see the extremist ends of the socioeconomic ladder

Super rich and super poor all at the same spot

I loaded my groceries into the car

This dog scratched against the left side of my car as I was leaving

There was a bunch of stuff in the middle that I told myself to remember before falling back asleep but do not now

Before the middle stuff

I was playing this Bible trivia game with all these cool black people

I was Ubering these two black girls home

I drove through these roundabouts and was getting sleepy

One of the riders encouraged me to stay awake and that she would tip me when I got her home safely

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