Dear Averi with An I

You are so very pretty

I enjoyed our convo

Cool how we both come from military families

Picked you up from Shooters

But somehow did not shoot my shot

Thanks for the IT advice


Learning to code is just a fantasy

All I want to do is write

Rebu and tfyl provide me more than money


I almost complimented your cool shoes

Were those bedazzled crocs

I am not a fan of crocs normally

But yours were nice

I try to always act professionally

The few times I have exchanged numbers with ladies

It has not worked out unfortunately

So I froze

Paused from saying so many more things

Especially the inappropriate ones

You know

Related to your previous career

I FB stalked you

I see you got married back in 2018

But you changed your profile pic to just you

If you are divorced

So am I 

Welcome to the club


I hope to hear from you soon


Or give you a ride again

If it is meant to be

You will come around 

I am done chasing love


Your new favorite writer

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