Dream 15006123

Witnessed a mini bulldog poop out a baby

On a mattress


Is there insurance for that

Going to need a new one

All that afterbirth


Was eating dinner with this short texmex Indian buddy

He was one of the two

There were three beautiful women with us

They were rude 

Dude sitting at head of table to my left

Did a double take

Realized it was Reggie Miller

His hair was grown out

I told him lately I also have been growing my hair out

I just recently cut it

To look more like Kobe

Inspired by that Hulu Laker documentary

He looked unimpressed

All nods and smiles

Just before that

Me and mr texmex Indian dude were going to work at OG

He picked up a shift at the Olive Garden

As we pulled up to the parking lot

He told me we had already been assigned some big types

He was super excited to work

I was not

Told him I accidentally left my uniform and apron at home

Some women knocked on my door

Woke up in real life

It was my neighbor hammering something upstairs

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