Eternal Sunshine of the Thoughtless Mind

Why do I fall in love with just about every woman I see

My favorite line in that movie with Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey

I can so relate

I have actually improved in the last 5 years since my divorce

I am almost ready to settle down

A few more grownup things to take care of 

That poop sucks


I have a new online crush

I honestly do not know much about her

Other than she has a blog

Mostly smiles on the inside 

Appears to be Indian

Wears glasses 

I decided to write this after noticing she liked one of my posts

I probably just weirded her out

Lately I have been really in to Indian women

I heard their population has now surpassed China’s

So if for some reason this virtual relationship with Jane Indigo does not work out

There are over a billion more fish in the sea where she came from

Totally joking

She just might read this

If you do

Let’s write each other poetry

You go first

Send it to my alias

It has been a long time since I had a poetry pal

One who really got me

I messed that situationship up unfortunately

But not this time

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