Masturdebate #2


Here we are masturdebating again

One whole day down of mastering my domain

Oh boy

This is no joke

It is not so much the release

It is filling the voids

Like the loneliness

The pain of losing my Pops recently

All the times I have felt rejected or unloved

I gave up drinking about 3 years ago

When you drop one habit

Another is always waiting to take its place

So writing

You will have to be that new habit

Because the shame after coming to my senses 

It is unbearable

And drinking

That will just make my right side and chest hurt even more

Not to mention the awful hallucinations 

Chasing affection from these ladies

That additiction still lingers

Once I stop driving for Rebu

That should get easier to avoid

A few more NBA highlights

Then night night

You got this

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