Dream 2.7.2023 10:52 am

Just before waking up

There was this beautiful black nurse walking down some steps and out a door

Told Pops I would cut his hair when we got home

Asked him if he needed anything along the way

He said some sort of drink like pediasure

As we left saw this huge sound mixer on the floor

Pops was at this health clinic where they did a checkup and could cut his hair

We got there just before they closed

It was very complicated for the nurses following COVID protocols

One of the barbers asked if I ever got my basketball cards

They were talking about their Super Bowl plans

One of them talked about the challenges of having kids

Told Katie she had defiled our bed

It was my bed she was in

She had slept with another man

I was in these apartments with VA cousins

They were so loud and tossing balls

Couldn’t sleep

Cursed at them

Told Pops and Wayne we should go get a hotel

Someone told me about Psalm 89

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