Dream 2.14.2023 2:55 pm

Some young black dude was dancing for a crowd of other blacks similar to the Showtime at the Apollo

His hair was all grown out and not lined up

The judges critiqued him hard

He received the criticism well

I walked in the living room of my childhood home

My Big Brother and others were all eating Chinese food

I thought about asking the lady I was with for cash because I had was change

I wanted to order a sprite

The living room was also a bar

Behind the couch was a bunch of stuff for Dad’s estate

Found some earrings back there too

Ma didn’t recognize them

Was watching these relay runners

They had unopened cans of Comet cleaner as their batons

At the end they were all in a pool

One of them started speaking a foreign language

It was foreign to them

It was English

I told them he is speaking English

One of them looked at me like I was dumb for saying that

Was a this house

Got out the shower some big ole black dude was impatiently waiting to get in

I told him to slow down

I wasn’t done yet

Got dressed

There was a big house party going on

Some older couple called me over to ask me about some classes

They mentioned the phrase Lukewarm

I woke up with anxiety

Chest beating fast

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