Dream 2.22.2023 9:04 am

1. Young daughter walked into my room as I was sleeping in spare basement of a big house Woke me up to let me know she had hit rock bottom

2. Katie and I argued Told her she was just repeating what her Mom did We argued about some other stuff

3. Young white boy had his chocolate stolen by a black dude in a locker room Felt like I had to lock the door so they wouldn’t bother or steal from me in my sleep

4. In house by myself Heard shower running Went to turn it off Then heard someone at my door It was unlocked Female solicitors trying to sell something

5. Out driving Cop said he had something recently stolen out of his vehicle

6. Beautiful women in my house

7. My kids were playing everywhere Saw fruit flies in bottom of bowl Immediately rinsed out in sink They swarmed my face

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