Dream 2.23.2023 8:12 am

1. In bathroom making a mess. Boo boo on phone. Boo boo on cheek. Trying to clean up with paper towel. It was the Wendy’s bathroom. Saw lady cleaning then take one herself. She left the door open. Awkward. Glad there was soap.

2. Parked car in open food court and left the car running. Was worried about the fact that I cold started the engine. Older white lady working there recognized me. Told me a code to enter on some touchscreen. She assumed a young girl working at the Wendy’s was a nursing student. They turned off the tv screens when they were not in use. The screens were built in to everything.

3. Left some house. A lot going on. Snuck out to my car that at first I thought was my helicopter, but actually I left it at home. Did see a police helicopter take off. My old English teacher from HS, Katie B, invited a bunch of single people over for a party. I did not want to be there for that as they made me nervous. It was bus loads of people. Before that I watched old classmates from Crossroads like GP get destroyed in basketball. GP was the only one sprinting back on defense. We had this homework assignment where we were supposed to design a book cover. It took me a while to even figure out what the homework assignment was in the first place. I had to look through a few old notebooks. Even the teacher could not tell me.

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