Dream 2.25.2023 5:31 am

1. I was about to put on these blue chucks that were at Grandma’s house. VA cousins were there.

2. Big bro was shot by a cop multiple times in buttocks after running from cops. I yelled for him to stop. Told the the cop he was a bipolar veteran. Big bro told me to not ride the bus this week after I told him he should probably get back on his meds. I looked at him confused and he whispered, you know what I mean.

3. I was wearing all black and preparing to work a shift at Olive Garden or something. Had on blue socks and had to switch them.

4. Saw some FBI agent white dude at a huge house with other people.

5. Pops had some paperwork to give me

6. Some cool black dude and I clicked

7. Emmanuel was there

8. Leah was putting on deodorant. Katie and I both kissed her on the forehead telling her we loved her.

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