Dream 2.27.2023 5:52 am

1. was with this group of older people all boarding this bus in an underground cave. They were loud, excited, and dancing. Then this little short white dude with red eyes and a suit looked mad at me. I believe he was Satan. He could tell me and some guy that was with me were different. I immediately got off the bus then woke myself up out of the dream.

2. I saw Priscilla B from my old church, TCCWOC. She pointed to a box for me to throw my dirty clothes into. There were some other women around in this open room I was trying to sleep in. It was almost like an office of some sort.

3. Some guy who kept changing his name then I could never remember his old name was going all throughout this city. He was very important. I knew I needed to follow him. I can’t even remember the names he went by right now.

4. I was in this really cool car and took a while to park it. Technically I was driving it virtually with a VR headset.

5. Woke up at 8:18 am – this guy handed me a book that said the timeliness of dreams on it and said a scripture about how the wicked will not see God. I had just finished witnessing to a young lady about how Jesus loved her. She ran.

6. This kid was banging on the door of this building saying the robots were coming. There was this whole secret operation that made the entire world flow.

7. I was inside of this party where all of these people were dancing and girls were showing their bare chest. It was supposed to be a school and this clean cut black guy who knew me wearing a suit was there too.

8. I gathered up my family to sit in a circle and pray.

9. I was telling some young lady about how Jesus wants us to live and mentioned the word modesty. I lost her at the M word.

10. Since it was getting warmer, I tested the thermostat to see if the A/C worked and it did.

11. Noon – saw Cesar and Josh B. Thought about linking up with them soon. Then I was laying next to some beautiful white woman watching a Rams football game. They had a black quarterback and black kicker. She kissed me.

12. Saw an old manager from Pizza Ranch. He was going to ask me about some old post card from a debt collector. I thought it had my name on it, but it was for someone else. He thought I still worked there but he had mistaken me for this other black dude who was wearing a mailman outfit. There was a girl under this bed. Asked her what part of STL she had family in. She said Palestine area. I assumed that was near Normandy. The pizza ranch manager asked me if I wanted to come back and work for them, and I said thanks but no thanks. I try to never go backwards.

13. Walked by a group of young ladies just outside the door of the building I was in. Went inside this mall where my church was located. In the courtyard, I saw these guys playing demonic music. Thought about tipping them $5 to just show them some love. Circled around 3 times, but decided to not do it. I didn’t want them to think I was supporting their music, and I didn’t want to get caught up in a very triggering convo.

14. Then I walked into this room with a few people it was very clean and nice. There was a huge cup from which everyone was about to drink.

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