Dreams 2.26.2023 9 pm

1. Was doing Uber in another city I believe. I got pinged to pick up someone. Driving through this very futuristic city. On the right was a stadium called Ear Eye Media.

2. Was listening to Pastor John Brown preach while also preparing for a basketball game. My old HS coach was there along with Whitney P and some other folks. I realized I needed to change into my game clothes and shoes. That room switched to a nature like outdoor courtyard. I walked to my son, Aiden’s room, and saw he had a Chew the Bible welcome mat at his door. I walked back and listened to the sermon some more . This young lady who recognized me was sitting in a junky van that was being loaded up.

3. Big bro was sitting near me on a living room couch. He kept nudging me and it was annoying. I asked this cute black woman to sit to my left so that he couldn’t keep nudging me. There was already a pretty Asian lady who was married sitting comfortably to my right. Then I woke up.

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