Dream 5:35 am 2.28.2023

1. There was some awards celebration for a bunch of nba legends

2. I was in this courtyard with a bunch of crackheads walking around in circles. I was safe inside the hedges of the courtyard. One of the sober girls went and grabbed some candy. It was candy I didn’t like. A huge bag of leftover licorice rope looking things.

3. I joked about possibly having to hit Ezel who was waiting outside with my broom. I was with some other nice sober people.

4. 9 am – rode around car with some lady. This pretty white bartender lady gave me a special coffee drink and I gave her a $25 tip.

5. I was in some mandatory confined arena where I was told by this other guy I had to keep building this Lego structure. Then I decided to just destroy the entire structure and escape the arena. He looked at me like I had just committed treason.

6. 11 am – helped grandma carry her laundry in the rain

7. Katie and I were working together to take care of the kids

8. I was thinking about getting a lan line phone

9. Was in this house with my big bro and my two boys. We were about to watch some nba highlights together. Talked about getting special Asian haircuts.

10. Some little Asian girl was about to go complain downstairs to her Mom. I told big bro and he immediately went downstairs to check. He dropped a light bulb in the process and it broke.

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