Dream 3.2.2023 10:46 am

1. was at this Restaraunt with my buddy Chad and some other guy. He was upset with me. I was briefly fighting him with a broom. I explained to him why I had been ignoring him and how it’s really hard for me to be friends with people at this stage of my life. He was not very happy and walked away.

2. I was in this truck with this big dude and his beautiful Filipina girlfriend. I was jealous.

3. I was about to possibly be roommates with two a cousin and my Big Brother. They were debating over who would get which part of the Grandpa Hill’s old house. Grandpa called someone and said they should call his old room the brick house.

4. I dropped some glass in the basement of my old in-law’s house. It was a wine glass. The other one did not break. Katie and I were drinking and talking

5. I was contemplating taking this job at a bank. There were three options on the table and I was leaning toward the location in KCK even though I had concerns that it might get robbed.

6. I was in a waiting area for a job interview. An old manager recognized me and told me to come to his upstairs office in a few minutes.

7. I was working on or thinking about some very technical project.

8. 2:54 pm – I saw a yellow bulldozer headed my direction and heard a siren go off. Road was about to split in half like a draw bridge. I quickly squeezed between two cement barricades. Woke up immediately.

9. I was inside this really nice house. I assumed it was an Air BnB. Took a nap and woke up to golf on playing on the tv. I could see strangers hanging outside in what appeared to be an entirely different realm.

10. I picked up these two pretty white girls in an area that reminded me southwest boulevard near the kc crossroads. I took them to a convenience store. I when inside with them. One of them told me I was really handsome. I told her thank you. She told me her name was Maverick. I asked her if she had heard of Maverick City Music. She replied no. I almost opened her door, but instead opened the door for her friend that didn’t really talk to me. Maverick was upset with me from that point on.

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