Pops 3.10.2023 2359

Fatherhood is no joke

Especially as the coparent

Moving forward

No looking back

All the steps that brought us here

I miss you

Hearing your cheers

Just like old days

Remember that game

At Priory I think

Came off the bench

Went off

Mad buckets

Wanted to make you proud

Hope I did

Tell God I need help

Here is my list

A house out east

Close to the kids

A BIG backyard please

Delete these debts

Wisdom to train up these children

The words to build them

Integrity for molding

They are always watching



At some point a wife would be nice

But only in your timing


I still need a lot of growing






A process never ending

Come morning

Grand rising

Should go running

Less trying

More doing

Back to the early starts

Stop driving evenings

Too much tempting

Fawning over your creations Lord

Till next time

Love your Son

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