Daddy 3.12.2023 12:20 am

Dryer spins

Takis contraband confiscated

Found in Leah’s bag

Slime been banned from Katie’s home

They brought it over here

I see why

Very messy

Girl’s need their own slime table

Or creation station

Time to move into bigger place

Outgrowing this one

That drive out East getting tiresome

We have our tough moments

Like last night

Bedtime now eleven

Lots of pushback

They love to gang up on me

Future Lawyers

Each arguing their case

At Katie’s it’s midnight on Friday


I relaxed a little

Rookie of the Year

Went over

Let them finish

Showed them an Indian girl on TikTok

Learning to be secure in her darker skin

Showed them Jordan

A picture of what greatness looks like

Y’all are Christians first

Black second

Forced into a race

You have to be exceptional

Average makes for a tough road

God still loves you unconditionally

So do I

At the end of the day

As Pops said

Each generation should supersede the next

So kiddos

You got this

Whatever you do

Do it as unto the Lord

Be reflections of His Light

For He will reward you

In this life

And the eternal one to come



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