Dream 3.19.2023 4:35 am

1. Left some sketchy parking lot

2. Tish was driving and Aiden in front seat. I was in the back seat. Aiden starts cutting his hair into a Mohawk. I was conflicted because I wanted him to express himself but he looked silly and his Mom hated it.

3. Now I’m suddenly in the front seat and Tish is still driving. Pops was in the backseat. He handed her to old laniards. They were these badges from her times at a university health hospital and mizzou mental health hospital. I started telling her about my stays in the hospital. She motioned for me to be quiet and put her finger over my lips. She didn’t want the kids to hear what I was saying.

4. Woke up to God so loved the world song and then Brandon Lake’s Greater Still and then perspective and finally Jesus loves me.

5. Part 2 – I gave this beautiful young lady a brand new Tony Evans Bible. I bought two.

6. I was at this gym shower getting dressed. This stranger walked up to me. Black dude sketchy looking. Asked me what daydream we were going to live out today. He then asked for some money. I asked him if he had already asked someone else at the front desk. I decided to not give him the change clanking in my pocket.

7. I drove away. There was a car seat in the second row. I wasn’t in the front seat temporarily. Other cars looked at me weird because there was no driver in the front but the car was self driving. It was a rental car. I thought about how I would return it.

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