Dream 3.22.23 2:51 am

1. Just before waking up. Fell off this cliff. I was on this winding road that wrapped around a mountain. The edges of the road were crumbling and badly in need of repair. I was driving the car in remote control mode from 3D perspective. Then I realized I needed to actually get inside the car. It was too late. I ended up falling pretty far off the mountain. I hit the reset button in the game. Prepared myself to go up the mountain again and start over. There were a bunch of people at the bottom who also fell but didn’t have a scratch on them. Lots of them decided to walk away.

2. Talked to Chaplain Mike about his accident. I told him shouldacouldawouldas are a waste of time and that I’m just glad he is alive. I was going to tell him that my Uncle Alonzo was also in an accident recently even though he had not really been in one as far as know. At least in wake life, but in dream life he apparently had been in one. Then Pastor Mike disappeared.

3. I was at this super expensive fancy Restaraunt. One of the lady servers started describing the menu to me filled with delicious elegant seafood and steak. I thought to myself that there was no way I could afford the food at that place. I saw this black chef change the price of the steak dinners from $36 to $35. All of these regular non bougie folks started showing up to eat after hearing about the price drop.

4. I was with the kiddos in my childhood home. Pops was there. Aiden had a bad site on his phone that I was about to talk to him about.

5. I was at this house that belonged to Pops. It was really nice. The bed was super nice too with all white blankets and sheets. I could see neighbors outside my window but I don’t think they could see me. Some kids were playing basketball.

6. Part 2 – 7 am – soooo many dreams. Only recalling two. Just before waking up. Ready to die was playing on tv and loud speakers. It was playing in multiple versions of a country song. This white dude said I was cute and asked if I was getting my food to go. I was at this bar and ordered $14 work of food. It was 14 and some change but I just got a $5 bill back after the bartender asked if that was okay. I accidentally spilled my sprite somehow. He gladly poured me another one in a plastic cup on the rocks. There was a girl to my left at the bar who knew me. We decided to sit at a table with some other folks. Right before going to that bar, I thought about drinking some Blue Moon, but I knew what it would do to my brain.

7. I was playing frisbee golf with this cute short Asian young lady. I told her I had not played in years. My first shot went far right at the edge of the thick green wooded area. My second shot almost went directly to the whole. The goals were not like normal chain link frisbee goals. They were just these colored coded mats on the ground. Whoever had the closest shot to the mat in the fewest shots won that round.

8. I was in this basement with this dude who looked a lot like Kevin Durant, but he was about four inches shorter than KD.

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