Dream 4.4.2023 8:11 am

1. Pops was sitting in my top bunk bed and eating something in his white underwear

2. I had a lan line phone to use for emergencies. I practiced using it under the bed just in case there was an intruder.

3. I called my old neighbor Roger about possibly renting from him

4. I was at this top secret enemy base. They had these 12 stage lights that deflected missile airstrikes

5. I passed the basketball to my cousin Michael’s daughter. She put it in the microwave and heated up a plate of batteries, apples and veggies.

6. I watched the beginning of some 2PAC documentary with big bro. I had the urge to grab my sketchbook.

7. Me Pops and Aiden were running down and backs on a field. I was in nice clothes.

8. Plastic container fell. Purple dog next door went and grabbed it for me and brought it to me. I was thankful but threw it away.

9. Was at home of creflo dollar. There was a former cocaine addict there crying and telling her story.

10. Jackie and a bunch of other black people were sleeping at this house. I consolidated all this butter into one container. Tish laughed at me because it was country croc.

11. This violinist did pop up concerts at an apartment and flew in a guy in a van to play his background beats.

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