Dream 4.13.2023 12:50 pm

1. Saw Sorrels and this other black dude. They were coaching basketball. They told me the kids wanted me to perform the song I made up called pow pow power play. It kind of sounded like the old power wheels jingle.

2. I jumped down this steep cliff to carry my little light brown skin girl cousin to her car.

3. I was in the toy store. I saw my buddy Josh from Harmony. He was also buying his daughter a birthday present. I almost got Ava a little floor seated scooter but realized she was too old for that toy. I decided I would make her something more creative.

4. My little cousin was so excited to see me. She gave me a huge hug and wouldn’t let go.

5. This couple bought an old bank building with transparent windows and turned it into some sort of mortgage business slash coding boot camp. I was there for their orientation. There were a bunch of single Moms at the event. I somehow ended up with a car seat that I didn’t need.

6. I saw my old brother in-law Isaiah. I can’t remember what he was doing.

7. I saw this beautiful middle aged white woman. I dropped her and her friends off at home. She asked me all these questions. I could tell she was interested in me. I borrowed some tropical smelling Febreze from her garage. I told her I was low in the bottle I had in my car.

8. I saw a kid with a snake pattern on his shirt.

9. I was picking up plates of Soul Food to take to Eddie Mae’s house. It was a lot of food. All of a sudden Jackie and Auntie Connie started arguing.

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