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jjj book

31 jobs by age 31! A couple of denied entries into Law School leads a maniacal and gregarious Millennial on a journey to find the perfect career. He finds it difficult balancing making enough to support a growing family with doing work he enjoys. In his pursuit of #BlackSuccess he eventually climbs to the top of the corporate ladder going from making #30to80K in less than three years. Quickly annoyed with masquerading in the banking charade, he decides to make the jump into the scary and very lonely world of entrepreneurship. From delivery driver, to server, to educator, to car salesman, to printer technician, to Taxi Driver and Banker, there are very few jobs Aaron J. Yancey has not jumped to or thought about jumping to. Follow his journey as he memoirs the path that led him to his current crossroads through poetic short stories.

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impostor a journey to monogamy

Impostor A Journey to Monogamy was written as a self help book, to help people recognize the hidden signs of infidelity. The Author is a retired athlete who had an epiphany to change his life, to become a better man. He walks you through his life altering mistakes including his journey to become a faithful lover. If you have a history of picking cheaters or if you are a cheater this is a must read.

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