Poetry Diary

#DUD 1.10.2019 2:38 PM

I have 3 poems left

And I’m running out of things to say

I know

Surprisingly it’s just one of those days

And I’m struggling to write about anything interesting

I guess I’ll talk about ice cream

There is this one particular flavor

I guess I’ll poeticize her

I mean it

Morir Soñando

No machines necessary

Handmade with glowing oranges

Still creamy and taste better than what they sell at the local commissary

A quart of healthy but heavy cream

A few drops of the purest vanilla extract

And don’t forget the powder sugar

Sprinkled while melting all over

These warm

Golden brown


#DUD 3:07 PM 1.10.2019

Forget you Franklin

I know I could have treated you better

But is this really how you do a friend

I guess I deserved it

Every little bit

After all the dirt I did

Eventually I’ll take a ferry ride

Possibly see your remains on the other side

Of another burning bridge

#DUD 1.10.2019 12:48 PM

Somewhere between serendipity

And God’s sovereignty

He allowed me

To recently see my beautiful Aunt Mary

I will always remember her glorious singing voice

As a young boy I didn’t really have a choice

Sabbaths at grandma’s meant long boring afternoons

Hiding in the back of the blue upholstered pews of great grandfather’s church in the heart of St. Louis

And as I sat there

Watching her unable to mouth a single word

I was quickly inspired


She wrote down a few loving blurbs

Gently held my hand

And I could feel the power of her prayers

As Family Feud played in the background