1. Thou shalt not be silent

Honest and CLEAR Communication is sooo important in any relationship.

Don’t shutdown, escape or ignore one another.

Worst of all don’t just go along to get along.

One person in any relationship tends to be the alpha / dominant one.

So if you are not “wearing the pants” you must speak the funk up or you WILL get yo azz ran over! Then you will most likely blow your top once you are fed up and just run away AKA fight or flight.

2. Thou shalt not use superlatives

Don’t say you always do this or you always do that…it’s not usually the case.

There may be a pattern of an annoying behavior or habit that annoys you.

Ask yourself if this is really worth you getting pissed off over. Something such as forgetting to shut the door after your spouse takes a dump or not putting the dishes away correctly may bother you but is it worth nagging your spouse about it for the thousandth time after ten plus years of marriage?

Begin to consider if there is something deeper causing you to nag so much about petty sheeet? Do your best to get to the root of the issue.

3. Thou shalt not release thy family business

Be careful about sharing your marital issues with friends and family members.

When sheeet hits the fan these people will take sides.

They may mean well but they can give bad advice based on their own struggles in relationships. Would you take advice from a friend who is single, a married friend who is contemplating getting a divorce and hates her husband or a Mom who has been married 3 damn times?

I’ve lived through all this sheeet and am speaking from personal experience, if you could not tell already.

One big exception on this is related to abuse whether physical or verbal.

Yes, I said verbal because a woman may not be able to beat up a man physically but she can beat his azzz up mentally, emotionally and most of all verbally.

In the case of abuse, try to seek a mental health professional and separate yourself from the situation for a while for a cooling off period.

4. Thou shalt not withhold sex from thy partner

Ahhhh…my favorite commandment, LOL. I can see the all of the eye rolls now.

Sex is a good barometer for measuring the health of a marriage.

This ties back to Commandment #1 related to communication.

Ladies…being on your period is not an excuse to not engage in intimacy with your partner. You betta put a towell down or not be afraid of felatio. Just cuz your Mom was a prude and told you the Monica Lewinsky act was a sin doesn’t mean you have to follow in her footsteps. Again, that may be a big part of the reason why her azzz is single.

As Jada Pinkett said, if you are not giving “it” to your man regularly someone else gladly will.

Men and women like to be mentally stimulated before anything.

Sex is more than just intercourse.

Sex should just be a byproduct of great communication.

Also, don’t be afraid to be adventurous …just cuz you go to Cirilla’s a few time doesn’t mean y’all are going to hell and that’s all I’m going to say about that commandment.

5. Thou shalt not keep secrets

I sucked at keeping this commandment.

I would sometimes …well often, do something that I knew my ex-wife would be upset about. I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

Even though she had the gift of discernment, as most women do and already knew about what I had done. I still thought that somehow I could get away with my white lies.

Women just want the confession and her trust for you gradually decreases to the point where her mind will go haywire wondering what else you are not being honest about.

Don’t be afraid of confrontation or going along to get along no matter how bad the offense is that you committed. The truth will come out sooner or later. Whether before or after your divorce.

Women lie too! Y’all are just better at it and good at justifying it, LOL.

One more thing. Trust is a two way street…if a man doesn’t trust you with his heart, he will never be 100% honest with you. Also, sometimes people lie and do certain things to drive you nuts on purpose to eventually force you to kick them out of your life.

Bottom line…humans suck at clear, effective communication. Mastering this skill will save you from a whole heap of trouble.

Thanks for reading!!!

Please share this with a newlywed couple or anyone you think might benefit from these 5 MARRIAGE COMMANDMENTS.

Also, feel free to share any additional commandments you feel should be added to this list.

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If only I had known what I know now yesterday

Maybe tomorrow

Or even today

Would be my last

What would I say

Where would I go

Who would I hang out with

What would I eat

Who would I call

Most of all

What would I write

As I lie here

I’m left with lots of questions

And absolutely zero answers

Contemplating the idea of dying


Don’t dm me

Text me

Call me

Don’t bother to ask me anything


Like Grandpa used to say

You plan on contributing

This not a suicide note

But rather a note to self

A reminder of how quickly you can forget what it means to exist

Those moments filled with bliss

As you exited your mothers womb

Greeted by excited smiles

Unconditional hugs

Genuine kisses

A seemingly ancient existence

Letting go of figuring out my future

Pondering my past

Passively allowing serendipity decide my fate

Painstakingly piecing together a peculiar puzzle

Pausing to discover the hidden path

Accepting the gift of a precious present

Presently comfortable in my own presence

Embracing figments of an unimaginable essence


Contemplating the idea of living

With absolutely zero questions

And lots of answers

Lying here

Writing about the thought of dying

Calling no one

Eating trail mix

Hanging out with an iPhone and my favorite Beatstrumentals

Going to my own funeral

Saying an emphatic eulogy

It is my last

Today is all I’ve got

There is no maybe tomorrow

If only I had known what I know now yesterday


By Aaron J. Yancey

© 2019




Part 1

I was at what appeared to be a hospital

I did something to make this black dude upset with me

He threatened to shoot me

I got scared told security and everyone he had a gun

Everyone laughed and said the gun was fake

Part 2

I was at the home I grew up in with Mom


And Wayne

I looked outside and saw a big tornado that was really close

I yelled to the whole family to get ready because the tornado could strike at any moment

They all were walking around very nonchalantly and seemed to not be worried

Mom and Pop stayed upstairs

Wayne went ahead and walked down to the basement

I went down too

Then quickly went back to my room to grab some valuables such as

My wallet


And a big blanket to wrap up in

Part 3

I was at what appeared to be Aunt D’s house

Trish was not there but most of her family and my side of the family was there

I had these little cousins I was playing with

One of the kids was rapping really well

And I told his older brother they should record his rapping before his voice matured and was less high pitched

They laughed

I saw my Step-Dad Mickey

Nicky’s daughter Kalen was there

So was Nicky

I walked out into this garage to leave the party

I held the door open for cousin Will as everyone followed

Part 4

My high school Bball coach Steve took me to this guy to get some sort of delivery driving job

Steve had this cool sky blue big classic car

Almost looked like an Impala or Cadillac

The guy took my application

But never gave me an answer

On if I got the job or not

He was a middle eastern looking guy

4 am to 12pm

Scene 1

My Pop


And Ma

Were all with me to purchase some shoes

Ma tried to convince me to buy these black and red basketball shoes

I think it was because they were cheaper

Only about $40 to $50

I told her I wanted these shoes from a different store in the mall and Pop was ready to help me

She steady kept shoving these Bball sneakers in my face

A fireball of rage swirled in my stomach

Rising directly to the top of my head

Before I knew it

There I was strangling Mom right there in the mall

I could feel a state of mania taking over

Big bro had to pull me off her

I yelled to everyone I was moving back to Houston to live with Wayne

Scene 2

I was at a gym watching a performance of some sort amongst a group of people

One of the people in our group was breathtaking

She reminded me of Halle Berry but a little lighter

Shorter and with curly hair

She had a smile that melted my soul immediately

It felt like we were in school and it was time to go to the next period

We decided to go hide behind a big black stage curtain

Gazing into each other’s eyes

Before long gently kissing


Her telling me she was divorced too

If only this weren’t a dream

Was it a foreshadow of a woman to come

Or just another projection of my imagination

Scene 3

Looking at Map plotting to go back somewhere in the U.S. Eastern middle of the map

Scene 4

There was definitely another scene but I totally blanked out

July 18, 2019

6 am – 1 pm

Part 1

I was riding a motorcycle really fast on the highway

I don’t know exactly where I was going

Traffic was flowing pretty quickly

There were a few times I had to hit my breaks

Eventually this cluster of about three other motorcyclists were near me attempting to race

I started to join them just as the cars all hit their brakes and traffic came to a halt

The motorcycle I was on looked really cool dark and very sporty

Randomly while riding on the highway I saw someone paying for something via Square Pay

I started to think that Square Pay would be the primary form of payment in the near future

Part 2

I was staying somewhere and needed a drink

I walked into a nearby gas station and ran into this guy who started to be overly friendly and guided me to a drink

I really wanted alcohol or something else but he directed me to the fountain drinks and poured me ice water in a big styrofoam cup

Part 3

I was sitting by myself at this round poker table in the middle of a different gas station

Once again I was craving some alcohol really bad

These cops and a manager stormed through the store questioning people like the Gestapo about stolen goods

Part 4

I remember riding in a car and hearing someone playing country music

Part 5

At some point I shared a hotel with my big bro

Part 6

I got a reply email from the old limousine company I used to work for saying they are excited about me returning to their company

Copyright © 2019 Aaron J. Yancey

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June 17, 2019

3am to 11am

Part 1

Went on a road trip with Snook

Drove to Cincy or something like that this time

Had to leave Snook and go back home

He was not happy again

We had an argument

Part 2

Was amongst some gang

Was apart of a shootout

Had two handguns in each hand

None of my shots actually hit or killed anyone

Ran out of bullets

I don’t even know who we were shooting at

Or which side of the shootout I was on

I climbed out of a window

Tip-toed on a ledge

Almost jumped off the building to avoid being shot

Part 3

I was sitting down at a picnic table

Getting ready to eat some weird frozen sandwich

The sandwich was a vegetarian one with peppers and spinach and cheese

I was amongst all of these artists eclectic looking homeless people

Some black dude was grabbing food out of a big freezer

He looked a lot like the rapper / bouncer Negro Scoe from the Riot Room

I remember talking to this pretty white lady

Part 4

I was working at this company

Sitting at a desk

There was a black dude training me

We helped people with financial checkups

He let me handle working with this black lady

The black lady asked for a simple financial checkup

She had about 3 kids with her that kept being rambunctious

I pulled out a yellow notepad to take notes just as the dream changed scenes

Part 5

I was in the same office alone with that pretty white lady from the picnic table earlier

She started flirting with me and letting me touch her in forbidden places 😉

Then the girl suddenly turned into my sister in-law who is black

We were getting ready to have relations

Then she asked me if I had a rubber glove

I was solid as a rock

Then had to start hunting for a gold glove amongst piles of my junk

Finally I found one

Then the dream changed just as we were about to proceed

Copyright © 2019 Aaron J. Yancey

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6.11.2019 6:39 PM

I woke up this morning feeling a little depressed and overwhelmed

But I’ll be alright

Dream part 1

I was wearing a cross gold chain similar to the one I had in HS

I was at my Uncle Arnold’s house it appeared and there were all of these old friends from The Mission House Church AKA The Oreo Cult I used to be a part of

I especially remember seeing Joe, Russ and OJ…there were some other people there I didn’t know but they all looked at me like I was the greatest ball player of all-time or like I was going to help whichever team win

I went to the bathroom and two people a guy and his date were standing there while another person I was talking to watched me pee

it was really awkward…I was peeing for a really long time and toward the end my pee turned red like blood

It felt like I was at some big ole cookout

I remember seeing a really beautiful Indian woman kind of thick with curly hair walk in but she had a date with her it appeared

She was clearly the most attractive woman at this party

I remember eating ribs

Part 2

I was in the car with a family member

Some guy and this family member were telling me all the things I should ask my Uncle for once I got to his house

One of those things was an old suit that he no longer needed

The other was the nice fairly still new orange car / crossover vehicle that he no longer used

I think the third thing was related to employment

I feel like we were in some sort of car accident at one point but my memory on this part is vaguely fuzzy

Part 3

There was this very voluptuous white young lady that I was close friends with

We discussed meeting up to have a “good time” together back at my Mom’s place

I knew that probably would not be the greatest idea but I was too embarrassed to tell her I didn’t currently have a car to get to her

So she would have to drive to me

We were at some parking lot hugging, kissing and talking

Part 4

My ex-wife and I were doing something together

I felt like it was the answer to what I should be doing work wise

That was right where I initially woke up around 11am but didn’t write down the details of the dream

Now I don’t remember any of it other than the fact that Trish was in that part of the dream

Part 5

I was at someone’s mansion

They had a big ole corn field outside that was ready to harvest

There were these Big Foot looking people that kept coming up and grabbing ears of corn to eat

There was a white farmer dude who parked his big truck in the middle of the field

He was loading corn onto the bed of the truck

I could see all of this just outside the window of the mansion I was staying in

I at one point ate some of the corn

Part 6

I was with big bro Wayne in a parking lot

We had just left somewhere and were headed home

He did not look all the way ok like he was under the influence of something so I told him to let me drive and leave the other black truck there

He did and I had to have him direct me home because I did not have gps nor did I really know the area the way he did

Part 7

I was with big bro Wayne again

This time we went to a house to meet these entrepreneur guys and discuss business

They walked us back to an open area of the house where a bunch of young college age looking entrepreneurs were all just laying in sleeping bags and blankets

A few of them were very good looking ladies and one of the brown ones had her bare bountiful chest exposed

They had all just eaten and then the two owners gave a presentation

Wayne and I both tried to discreetly film the entire room on our iPhones without anyone noticing

At the end of the presentation we asked if we could have some of the leftover food

Then all of the young people woke up from their naps and started attacking the food like vultures

The only thing really left in abundance was a big ole picked over turkey